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36-Point Development Process Audit

Designed for Sales and Fundraising Development Organizations looking to scale their digital development, tech stack, infrastructure or all three. Our hands-on audit will leave you with an executable strategic plan and ready to grow your organization.

CRM & Data Management

Organizations often recognize their data is their most valuable asset. However, not all organizations know how to organize and act on their data. Our development audit will assess how well poised your organization is to get the collect and act on insights.
Areas Assessed
  • CRM Platform
  • List Management & Segmentation
  • Lifecycle Mapping
  • Data Formatting & Accuracy
  • Data Flow
  • Real-Time Reporting Capabilities
  • Process Documentation

Pipeline Optimization

Find where your process is strongest and where your leaks are hiding. Ensure consistency across Development Reps and start tracking & actioning on productivity-minded KPIs.
Areas Assessed
  • Pipeline Documentation
  • Sales Channel Segmentation
  • Development Content
  • Deal Stages & Workflow
  • Development Playbooks

Marketing & Email Activation

The most important relationship in your organization is the one between marketing and development. Ensure you're set up for productive collaboration and effective campaign activation.
Areas Assessed
  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • Data Flow
  • Audience Segmentation

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